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    Superstar model and reality television titan, Tyra Banks has debuted a new hairdo and we must admit, it’s nothing short of amazing — see what we did there? The former Victoria Secret model isn’t hiding behind her long wavy tendrils anymore, because she has traded in her down-her-back weaves for an adorable pixie cut.

    She debuted her new look on Twitter less than 24 hours ago with the caption “Snip #NotTooShort?” Yea, it’s REALLY short, but it works. Plus, there’s no denying that her incredible bone structure and face shape compliment the new look like no other.

    She continued to show off her new ‘do with super glam shots of her out on the town.



    Tyra now joins the laundry list of black celebs like Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce who traded in their long 24 inch tresses for something a bit more chic yet subtle.

    However, it doesn’t really come as a shock that Ms. Banks would chop it all off for her new summer look. Back when she hosted the Tyra Show, Tyra was very bold in sharing her hair journey. Remember when she revealed her natural hair, aka no weave or tracks for the world to see?

    Well she’s at it again and it looks gorgeous. But c’mon, when you’re Tyra Banks you can pretty much do no wrong.

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    Since she officially ended her relationship with Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran seems to have already moved on with her life. Despite the smiles her followers have seen on her Instagram, the breakup details are still a tough subject for the young model, according to Iyanla Vanzant.

    “The thing that was so surprising to me is how protective and forgiving she is of Chris. She repeatedly offered that he is only human and humans make mistakes. She said she knows he loves her and she just wishes things could change for him, Iyanla told Sister 2 Sister.

    Iyanla also discussed her own feelings on their relationship, as well as his behavior, which has been volatile in the past. “I think I am a bit more troubled by his behavior than she is. I am disturbed that he has such a gift and blessing and continues to dishonor God, himself, and women with no accountability. Prison was punishment and punitive. It did not teach responsibility or accountability for his behavior or as the steward of a gift,” Iyanla said.

    While previews portray a teary-eyed, emotional Karrueche, Iyanla suggested there was more disappointment than anger. “She made no attempt to bash him and will probably come across as naive and relatable,” Iyanla said.

    The Fix My Life interview air Saturday at 8 p.m. EST on OWN.

    Source: Sister 2 Sister

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    Chris Tucker has filmed his first stand-up comedy special, “Chris Tucker Live,” which has been given exclusively to Netflix.

    The 42 year old, who got his start in stand-up, has never had his own headlining special. In it, he discusses his life from childhood all the way through his experiences in Hollywood. The special was filmed in the historic Fox Theatre in Tucker’s hometown of Atlanta. The performance will be available on Netflix starting July 10.

    “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Netflix, one of the true global leaders in entertainment, on my first comedy special. Before people started seeing me in movies, I was doing stand-up. It’s always been a part of me, and now I’m excited to share it with my fans around the world,” said Tucker.

    Tucker’s performance adds to the growing list of comedy specials for Netflix, which also includes Chelsea Handler, Aziz Asnari, Russell Peters, Bill Burr, Nick Offerman, Ilisa Schlesinger, and Chelsea Peretti.

    “Chris Tucker is a true global movie star and a one-of-a-kind talent whose remarkable energy, delivery, and original style make him one of the funniest comedians of our time,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer. “We cannot wait to share his distinct and hilarious voice with our members across the globe.”

    “Chris Tucker Live” also marks the first time Tucker has starred in and produced through his imprint Chris Tucker Entertainment.

    Best known for his roles in Rush Hour and Friday, Tucker was most recently seen in the critically acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook, alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert DeNiro.


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    If you’re going to mess with Amber Rose, that’s one thing, but messing with her friends is also a huge no-no. The 31-year-old model was browsing the Internet Monday, when she came across an article that criticized her best friend Blac Chyna for going out clubbing in a revealing outfit, being that she is now a mother. The article included a photo of Chyna rocking her ensemble for the evening, and the caption read, “Chyna, a mom, showed up to th club TOPLESS.”

    Amber didn’t hesitate to come to her BFF’s side, and reposted the photo with a wordy caption on her Instagram, stating, “Chyna, a mom can wear whatever the f**k she wants. We are moms 24/7/365 even if we’re at the club having a good time or when we wanna dress sexy ( She’s not even topless) Lol and Guess what we are still moms for the rest of our lives and we love our children more than anything in this world but moms are also sexual beings too duh how do u think u got here? I’ll wait. Anyway shout out to my sis @blacchyna for being a MILF, Living Life to the fullest, being a young entrepreneur and not conforming to Societies Double Standards #AmberRosesSlutWalk. P.S if u really want to try to insult someone please be able to spell “The” as seen in the pic. Thx – Muva”

    Amber has been going hard to stick up for women, including herself, who embrace their more openly sexual sides, as she is gearing up to host a Slut Walk. She is out to prove that women can be both sexual beings, and great mothers to their kids.

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    Chris Massey (left) and Lil Twist

    Lil Twist is probably wishing he decided to join his buddy Justin Bieber on the straight and narrow path, now that he is facing some serious jail time.

    The Los Angeles County District Attorney charged the 22-year-old rapper, born Christopher Lynn Moore, on six counts for his role in a fight at the home of That’s So Raven star Kyle Massey and his brother Chris Massey. The charges include burglary, grand theft, battery, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

    Lil Twist and his crew were allegedly hanging out with the Masseys inside their apartment in November. Twist was reportedly kicked out, and things started going downhill as a result.

    Twist allegedly found his way back into the apartment with four other people and an altercation occurred that left Chris beaten with brass knuckles. His wallet and cell phone were also reportedly stolen.

    There is currently a warrant out for Lil Twist’s arrest and, if convicted of all six counts, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

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    Mega church pastor Creflo Dollar came under fire after petitioning donations for a luxurious Gulfstream G-650 jet last week, and now, gospel superstar Kirk Franklin (pictured above) is questioning the pastor’s character.

    In a post on Patheos titled “The High Cost of Character,” Franklin went in on the preacher:

    “When a pastor wants people to buy him a private plane while a missionary in Somalia bathes children with sores, that’s a shortage of character. When I camouflage my ‘greeds’ to look like ‘needs,’ that’s a shortage of character.

    “I agree you cannot legislate morality in our culture, but you cannot avoid holding people accountable. You can’t let people slide by just because they are charismatic and can ‘kill’ a room. We don’t have a shortage of greatness; we have a shortage of character.”


    The World Changers Church International senior pastor asked for donations from 200,000 faithfuls, (not just confined to his members, either) to sow $300 each to purchase him the $65 million luxury aircraft. The Gulfstream G-650, the jet Dollar wanted to transport him and wife, Taffi Dollar, and crew, seats up to 14 passengers. The jet comes with two Rolls-Royce engines, high-speed Internet and two multi-channel satellites and allows for only a four-and-a-half-hour commute from New York to Los Angeles.

    “The G650 is the biggest, fastest, most luxurious, longest range and most technologically advanced jet — by far,” according to the site.

    Since the media backlash of the plane request, Dollar has stopped asking for donations for the campaign. The minister’s publicist Juda Engelmayer noted Dollar is now traveling via commercial flights and the suspended fundraiser “is not representative” of what Dollar stands for.


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    Where is Maury Povich when you need him? Rapper Jay-Z will settle his paternity suit with alleged son Rymir Satterthwaite out of court, according to reports. To no avail, the 21-year-old aspiring rapper has been checking for Jay, real name Shawn Carter, for four years to obtain his DNA to complete a paternity test.

    “Ultimately the case will probably be settled out of court,” Lillie Collie, Satterthwaite’s legal guardian, told Radar Online. “We’ve been going through this since 2011 and it has gotten to the point where the family just wants it to be over.” Satterthwaite will reportedly use the settlement money to pay for medical bills, in addition to his increasing legal fees.

    Satterthwaite alleges that the “Song Cry” rapper and his mother, Wanda, had an affair in the ’90s when he was conceived. In 2011, his mother took Carter to court after it was proven that another man was not Satterthwaite’s father. Jay has still not taken a paternity test.

    Blue Ivy also has another older brother that Carter hasn’t acknowledged publicly. The 45-year-old Brooklyn native reportedly has a 12-year-old son, Isa Jael, who lives with his mother in Trinidad.

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    Looks like Kendrick Lamar is ready to settle down. His high school sweetheart of 10 years, Whitney Alford, was spotted out and about with her boo with a huge diamond on her left ring finger.

    The 27-year-old has kept his relationship with Alford out of the spotlight since his rise to super stardom in 2011, but the rapper has addressed their romance during several interviews in the past. In January, “The Blacker the Berry” rapper spoke to Billboard:

    “I wouldn’t even call her my girl. That’s my best friend. I don’t even like the term that society has put in the world as far as being a companion – she’s somebody I can tell my fears to.”

    During an Erykah Badu chat with Interview magazine, he admitted Alford was his “assh*le-checker:”

    “The main one is a friend of mine-a lady friend who has known me since high school. She has always been someone, since day one, who has said something whenever I’m an assh*le, or also if I’m doin’ something positive-but more so when I’m out of my element.”

    He added his boo isn’t a typical “yes man” like others:

    “While you have people who are actually fronting for your needs and wants, sometimes your needs and wants may not be right for you. The people around you are just trying to keep their jobs.”

    Congratulations to the couple.

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    UPTOWN_ariana_miyamotoIt seems Japan’s contestant for the Miss Universe beauty pageant only broke barriers in the minds of some of her countrymen. Others are criticizing her for not being “Japanese enough” to represent them in the contest.

    Miss Universe Japan Ariana Miyamoto is defending her crown because she is the daughter of a Japanese woman and a Black man from the United States. Japan’s very homogenous society has labeled her a hafu (from half) because she is biracial.

    Tweets reportedly range from, “Is it okay to select a hafu to represent Japan?” to “Because this is Miss Universe Japan, don’t you think hafu are a no-no.”

    It’s true on the outside Miyamoto doesn’t “look Japanese,” as she has admitted in the press, but she insists she’s very Japanese at her core. The 20 year old was born and raised in Nagasaki, she speaks the language fluently, and she is a Japanese citizen.


    Although some critics are calling for another, “more Japanese” Miss Universe contestant, most have expressed their support of Miyamoto.

    “Even if you are hafu, if you have Japanese citizenship, then you’re Japanese,” one commenter shared on GirlsChannel, a site that allows readers to vote on comments.

    While there is controversy regarding her ability to represent Japan, Miyamoto is focused on the Miss Universe competition in January 2016 and representing her country well.

    “The world competition is going to be tough,” she told Rocket News 24. “But I’ll believe in myself and continue doing my best.”


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    Before you read this article in it’s entirety, I suggest you open up another tab in your browser and log onto Twitter, and type “Dame Dash” into the search field. Scroll through the long list of tweets and I promise you will witness two things with your own eyes. One, hilarious mimicry of Dash’s quotes from his The Breakfast Club interview. Two, folks attempting to dismiss his comments as nothing more than the inane ramblings of a complete fool.

    To be honest, I’m here for the mimicry because that (and live-tweeting) are really the most entertaining aspects of Twitter. Going on in on someone and piling on is what Twitter does best. But, it’s the second part that I take issue with because, well, these folks don’t really know what the hell they are talking about. And dismissing Dame’s logic as the demented rantings and ravings of a broken mind is more symbolic of a truly scary reality: Dame Dash isn’t crazy – we are.

    Dave Chappelle speaks the absolute truth in the video above. “Craziness” isn’t some inherited trait which should lead to someone’s ideas and thoughts being dismissed. However, we as a collective society have embraced a sense of madness by becoming either enraged or apathetic at the concepts of self-determination, ownership, dream chasing, and not accepting the standard that we must all work 40 hours a week at a job we hate until the day we die. We’ve accepted the crazy idea that there is a set path in life, and everyone who doesn’t get on that path is a failure. In our modern western society, we’ve even mapped out ages that indicate when you’re supposed to have your degree completed, when you’re supposed to have your first home, and when you’re supposed to be married with kids and a white picket fence. And we mercilessly terrorize anyone who doesn’t fit within these established paradigms and to challenge them is “crazy.”

    Dame Dash is a man with many imperfections, gaping character flaws, and self-destructive vices. Simply put, he’s a human being — just like you and I. I’m not here to convince you that Dame Dash is a genius, or that he’s better than anyone else; I’m here to convince you that relegating him as a dude with nothing important to impart on anyone is symbolic of our own craziness.

    Let’s get something straight, Dame Dash is NOT a business failure. Your uncle who said he was gonna start a concert-promotion company but decided to just sit in the backyard and play Spades with his friends all day is a business failure. Your coworker who said she would start her own salon, but ended up using the money as a down payment on a new Jeep is a business failure. The millions of people who dream up great, inventive, money-making ideas everyday but don’t do a damn thing to make that idea come true are business failures. And I don’t wanna hear any bullshit excuses about how “they’re just getting their money right” because there are far more procrastinators than there are waiters, which is evident by our economy’s seemingly constant need for new entrepreneurs.

    In this debate over whether or not Dame Dash is crazy, I’ve noticed a very stark difference between the people who write off his words, and those who support MOST of what he says. The people who mine his thoughts for chunks of gold are people who have the ability to disseminate information and separate out the bullshit. Dame’s belief in using your own money to invest in yourself was a take-away for me, while calling a grown man “Chatty Patty” was not. Dame’s ideas around creating inter-generational wealth that you can pass on to your children (i.e. hustling for your last name, not your first) is something I’ve noted, while screaming on DJ Envy about what real men don’t do from listening to rumors to sharing hand sanitizer, was left in my mental recycle bin. Dame has more than a wealth of great information to pass on to anyone looking to lead a more fruitful life, while at the same time providing a first-hand look into what can happen when you let your vices and weaknesses get the better of you. Do I like how Dame communicates his thoughts? Not really, but I’m not so weak and delicate that I would overlook existential truisms to debate one’s tone.

    Now go back to that open Twitter tab and continue to read some of the tweets people are leveling at Dash and ask yourself, “What exactly has this person achieved that I haven’t?” If the person tweeting is someone slaving away at a mundane, soul-sucking 9 to 5 who has 300,000 tweets about hating Mondays, wishing they had a day off, and imagining what they would do if they ever got “rich,” then that might not be the best person to provide you with advice on how to get yourself up out of the rut you may be in. That person who tells you to write Damon Dash off as a fool, but has never owned a nine-figure (hell, or even five-figure) company, has never pursued their dreams, and has never gambled on themselves, then you might want to reconsider who is truly the sane person in that scenario.


    Lincoln Anthony Blades blogs daily on his site, he’s an author of the book “You’re Not A Victim, You’re A Volunteer” and a weekly contributor for UPTOWN Magazine. He can be reached via Twitter @lincolnablades and on Facebook at This Is Your Conscience.

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    When it comes to accessorizing a look, I usually don’t heed Coco Chanel‘s advice to “take one thing off” before leaving my apartment. You see, I have always enjoyed piling on the jewelry. In most instances, that works for me, but some days I just want one standout, identifying piece. That’s when I reach for my So Excessive cuff.

    The beauty of these cuffs lies in their simple yet bold design. Initials, hearts, and “love” are cut away from the smooth substantial metal, done in gold, rose gold, and silver tones, to create an open design. The hefty, 2.5 inch cuff evokes feelings of power, making most other jewelry, save for a favorite timepiece, unnecessary. So Excessive cuffs, priced from $40 to $58, elevate a denim-on-denim look, but are also the perfect exclamation point for an LBD, LRD, or LWD look.

    You’ll definitely want one of these beauties for yourself, but the Open Heart Cuff ($54) also makes a great gift for your friend, sister, or mom. (Mother’s Day will be here before you know it!) And I know I said one So Excessive cuff stands alone, but wouldn’t it be Wonder Woman-cool to wear a cuff on each wrist for each initial of your name?!



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    uptown Rodner Figueroa

    The Univision host who was fired for comparing Michelle Obama to a “Planet of the Apes” character is now suing his former company for illegally firing him and painting him as a racist.

    Rodner Figueroa, who was a host on the popular “El Gordo y la Flaca” show, did a segment earlier this month showcasing a young man who uses makeup to transform himself into female celebrities, including the First Lady. He was fired after making the comment that the Michelle Obama picture looked like a character from the “Planet of the Apes” film.


    However, Figueroa claims that he was not referring to FLOTUS herself, but the makeup artist’s shoddy attempt to transform into her. In a scathing letter, his lawyer, Marty Singer, contends that Univision lied about receiving a formal complaint from Mrs. Obama’s office, which was their excuse for firing him.

    Furthermore, he is accusing the network of using the incident as a convenient way to get rid of Figueroa and destroy his career because he was trying to unionize employees at Univision.

    Singer is demanding that Univision rehire Figueroa and make a public apology lest they suffer the consequences.

    The letter ended with a Rosa Parks reference: “Make no mistake, despite Univision’s best efforts, Latino talent will not be forced to ‘sit in the back of the bus’ any longer.”

    [Source: TMZ]

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    Refusing to give in to demands to pay $5 million and cast several artists in its hit show EmpireFOX has filed a trademark lawsuit to protect its use of the show’s title.

    FOX has filed a preemptive lawsuit against Empire Distribution Inc., a California corporation has recently come forward claiming rights to “Empire,” “Empire Distribution,” and “Empire Recordings.” In a demand letter to the network giant, Empire Distribution also claimed “trademark dilution by tarnishment” because the series features “a label run by a homophobic drug dealer prone to murdering his friends.”

    The company made its first claim on Feb. 16, requesting $8 million to resolve potential trademark infringement and dilution claims.

    On March 6, Empire Distribution sent the following claim:

    “This letter, again authored by outside counsel, reiterated defendant’s trademark claims, asserted a new claim for unfair competition, and gave Fox three ‘options’ to settle the claims made against it,” states the complaint. “(1) Fox could pay $5 million and include artists that defendant represents as ‘regular guest stars’ on the fictional television seriesEmpire; (2) Fox could pay defendant $8 million; or (3) Fox could stop using the word ‘Empire.’”

    With the massive success of the Lee Daniels-directed drama series–its season finale drew in 16.7 million same-day viewers–FOX is trying to get this nipped in the bud. Although the defendant is in the music business, FOX is presenting Empire Distribution as commercially unimportant. They cited that a Google search for “empire record label” has the company’s website listed on the seventh page, before which other uses of the name can be found. “There is even a film called Empire Records,” remarks the complaint, filed on behalf of FOX by attorney Marvin Putnam in California federal court.

    Empire Distribution lists prominent artists on its roster, including Kendrick Lamar, Sean Paul, and N.O.R.E. However, it seems that some of the artists released projects with the company before they moved on to bigger labels.

    FOX also claims that the company never applied for a federal trademark registration for “Empire,” and they were initially denied a trademark for “Empire Distribution” after applying in January 2014. They do have a separate trademark pending concerning electronic delivery of music recordings.

    “Unfortunately, success today can often make creators a target for a myriad of baseless legal claims,” says Putnam. “They hope you will just pay a little something from that success to make them go away. As underscored by today’s complaint, Fox has no intention of allowing anyone to leverage Empire’s success for their own unwarranted financial gain.”

    Empire says it has partnerships with Atlantic Records, Republic Records, eOne, and Kobalt Publishing. CEO Ghazi Shami says Empire “isn’t just a fictional show; they are functioning as a record label in the real world.”

    The company’s attorney Michael Hobbs says, “Empire was started over five years before the first broadcast of the show, the marks are identical, and they sell the same products to the same customers. The significant number of incidents of actual public confusion is disturbing.”


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    A female African-American student at Texas A&M Corpus Christi returned from spring break to discover that her apartment had been vandalized with threatening racial slurs.

    Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson called a news conference on Monday to discuss the incident. He made it clear that a major reason for the news conference was the growing number of cases involving racism happening all over the country, including several at college campuses. Simpson hoped the move would open discussion and help to find who was responsible for the incident.

    Photos taken inside the apartment, revealed an image of a person being hanged with the words “White Power. [We’re] coming for you.” Another image read “Die n*****. Where is your protector? White Power.”

    “I think the community ought to be hurt by this. I think that we all ought to take it very seriously,” said Simpson.

    Although the Islander Village complex on Almaeda where the student lived is gated with security cameras, the incident occurred while she was away for a week on spring break, making it difficult to determine when the break-in happened.

    The student who lived in the apartment has been relocated to a similar complex nearby.

    Because it happened off-campus at a complex not associated with the school, TAMUCC is not taking an active role in the investigation. However, university police will provide assistance should there be a need for further investigation on campus.

    Although the police are asking for the public’s help in finding the culprits, Simpson hinted that they already have suspects.”Quite frankly, we think we have a bead on some people who may be involved in this. The best thing they can do is come forward, and have a discussion about this, and let us bring this to a logical conclusion,” he said.

    The individuals behind the attack could face charges for burglary, criminal mischief and making terroristic threats.

    For their part, other students at the complex and on campus are shocked by the events. Shay Weaver, an African American student at TAMUCC, said, “I’m actually shocked. I’m very surprised. We don’t really have a race problem at this school, so I’m really surprised, and I don’t think it was somebody from this school who did it.”

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    Drama seems to follow Australian pop star Iggy Azalea, from Twitter bouts with side-eyeing hip hop fans, to an alleged sex tape release from an ex-boyfriend, to now a Compton ghostwriter claiming he wrote her breakout hit, “Fancy,” which topped the Billboard charts, .

    During a tell-all interview with Sirius XM’s Sway in the Morning show, rapper Skeme came forward, admitting that he wrote the 24-year-old’s biggest hits. The confessions didn’t stop there. Skeme revealed Azalea hired him to write on her behalf, before detailing specific parts of songs he wrote and didn’t write.

    Skeme was described on the show as “Grammy-nominated” and “Billboard certificated,” but the hosts pushed the rapper to explain these claims. He replied:

    “That’s what the [ghostwriting is] about. I’ve got a certificate and a nice ass suit and like four or five plaques.”

    After confirming his heavy involvement with the five-time platinum hit “Fancy,” he added:

    “We had something to do with it, a lot of vibe, a lot of push. We put trust funds up for that.”

    This isn’t the first time Azalea was questioned on whether her rhymes are hers. Her mentor, T.I., was rumored to be her ghostwriter, but the Atlanta rapper dismissed those claims: “Iggy got her own ideas and thoughts that she presents to the world in her own way.”

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    Season seven of Real Housewives of Atlanta is hotter than ever, with its unsuccessful therapy meetings, name-calling, and ego-bursting shade sessions. Newcomer Claudia Jordan has definitely had her share of controversy on the Bravo series, including a tropical blow-for-blow argument with cast mate NeNe Leakes and allegations of a very active sexual past. Jordan, 41, spoke to Global Grind, giving her theory on why men slut-shame women:

    “I think men like to have their cake and eat it too. You want to be able to run through those 5,000 women, but then you don’t want those women to have numbers. It doesn’t make sense. How are you able to get those 5,000 women if they are not giving it up?

    “It does suck that if a girl has been with a couple of guys that you may know of, then she’s a slut, but some unknown chick can just be getting run amuck, just ran through, just getting the brakes beat off her, and nobody knows and nobody cares.”

    The former Deal or No Deal model also responded to a fake sex-list of her alleged partners that was posted by a blogger:

    “There’s a few people on there that I dated: one I was married to, one that proposed to me. Then there’s like 23 random filler dudes. If people would just take the time to think about it, I’m a very visible person; I put everything on social media. Don’t you think you would’ve seen some of these pictures and I get photographed everywhere I go. Can you give me on receipt?

    “Then they put me with people that don’t even exist, like Shawn Billups in the NFL. There was never a Shawn Billups in the NFL, but people won’t check that out. They said I was with Diddy and his adopted son Quincy. It really hurt me because some of the people on there are married and are friends of mine like Michael Jai White, who was married at the time and Boris Kodjoe and it’s not true.”


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    Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 11.33.45 AM

    Entertainment news site is under fire for publishing an article suggesting that television shows have become too diverse – limiting the availability of roles for White actors. Shonda Rhimes, whose show Scandal was singled out within the article, blasted the op-ed as ‘ignorant.’ Her tweets in response to the highly offensive piece were re-tweeted by thousands, including Selma director Ava DuVernay.

    The article, written by Nellie Andreeva, cited that, after years of too few roles for minority actors, “the pendulum might have swung a bit too far in the opposite direction.” An excerpt from the article reads:

    “Instead of opening the field for actors of any race to compete for any role in a color-blind manner, there has been a significant number of parts designated as ethnic this year, making them off-limits for Caucasian actors, some agents signal. Many pilot characters this year were listed as open to all ethnicities, but when reps would call to inquire about an actor submission, they frequently have been told that only non-Caucasian actors would be considered. “Basically 50 percent of the roles in a pilot have to be ethnic, and the mandate goes all the way down to guest parts,” one talent representative said.

    uptown black-ish cast may 2014
    Andreeva then goes even further by suggesting that the racial make-up of the United States doesn’t warrant such a high growth in programming with all-Black casts.

    “While they are among the most voracious and loyal TV viewers, African-Americans still represent only 13 percent of the U.S. population. They were grossly underserved, but now, with shows as Empire, Black-ish, Scandal and HTGAWM on broadcast, Tyler Perry’s fare on OWN and Mara Brock Akil’s series on BET, they have scripted choices, so the growth in that fraction of the TV audience might have reached its peak.”

    The writer made several missteps in her stance on such a pivotal moment in TV history – neglecting to mention that, even in shows like Scandal and How To Get Away Murder that have a black lead, directors like Rhimes have cast a healthy number of White actors in their shows as well. The article also ignores the fact that these shows attract a significant White audience as well, proving that Black artistic expression is not just consumed exclusively by Black audiences, but greatly influences mainstream culture as well.

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    The family of Nicholas Thomas is left with unanswered questions after he was fatally shot when being served with an arrest warrant outside of his Goodyear Tire job on Tuesday afternoon.

    According to Channel 2 News, Cobb County and Smyrna, GA, police went to Thomas’ job to serve him with an arrest warrant for violating probation. They claim when Thomas, 25, spotted officials, he ran towards his car, a Maserati, in an attempt to flee. The officers claim that Thomas was driving towards them, which prompted them to open fire. But Brittany Eustache, a witness to the shooting, said cops opened fired shortly after they arrived on site:

    “They were standing behind the car, opening fire. He wasn’t driving towards them. The car was not moving when they begin to shoot at him. The car had been stopped. He hit curb; he could go any further.”

    Channel 2 news anchor Rachel Stockman asked Eustache, “So at no point was he making any aggressive moves?”

    “None, none at all. They immediately opened fire on them,” she answered.

    Thomas’ parents said they are certain that police had no justification for shooting and killing their son. Police say their initial investigation indicates cops feared for their lives as they said the car was aimed straight at them.

    Police are still investigating how many of the six officers involved in the fatal shooting actually opened fire.

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    For five seasons, Evelyn Lozada was the resident mean girl and bad ass with a vulnerable side on VH1’s Basketball Wives. Having popularized catchphrases like “non-motherf*cking factor,” Evelyn was definitely a fan favorite. But then a domestic assault tragedy between Evelyn and her then-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson proved that improvements could be made to her life. Basketball Wives ended and she went on Iyanla: Fix My Life to work out some issues. In between all of that, she gave birth to her second child, a son with baseball player Carl Crawford. And now, she is returning to reality TV with a series on OWN.

    Tentatively titled Evelyn, the OWN docuseries will focus on Evelyn, her 21-year-old daughter Shaniece Lozada, her relationship with Crawford, and their 1-year-old son Carl Leo Crawford. Evelyn will also executive produce the reality show through Shed Media. It is slated to premiere on OWN in July.

    Evelyn made the announcement on her Instagram page, writing: “I FINALLY have a new home. #EveOnOWN #ShanieceOnOWN #OWNTV @owntv #July.”

    There’s no confirmation on whether Crawford’s L.A. Dodgers teammates will make an appearance, but some suggest that attention-loving Yasiel Puig wouldn’t be opposed to it.

    Will you watch Evelyn Lozada’s return to reality TV? Does being on OWN give Evelyn more credibility?


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  • 03/25/15--09:26: Paula Deen Returning to TV?
  • p deen

    It appears that disgraced TV chef Paula Deen is finally getting her chance at a comeback. On Wednesday, Evine Live (formerly known as ShopHQ) will air Paula Deen’s Kitchen for a three-hour premiere, according to New York Post. Additionally, Deen will appear in live segments of the show every six to eight weeks.

    The southern TV personality suffered a huge career blow roughly two years ago after being hit with a lawsuit for discriminating against her own restaurant employees and admitting to having used the N-word in the past. Food Network quickly dropped the southern cooking queen following the controversy, followed by a handful of brands like Home Depot, Caesar’s Entertainment, WalMart that severed business deals with Deen.

    Evine CEO Mark Bozek is among those who believe the backlash was too harsh and that Deen is deserving of a second chance. “Everybody makes mistakes,” he said, adding that Deen “has a good soul” and “a huge fan base.”



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